A voice crying in the wilderness

I had written a reply to a post on CityCost that was almost longer than the original article – I thought it broad enough to warranty reposting since it makes sense even without the context of the original post.

Decluttering and minimalist living will always be an ongoing project.

Ever since I adopted a similar philosophy myself, it has become a continuous battle – brought on in part by living in such a materialist society where having more junk and clutter is seen as success, in part by family who persist in giving gifts of random “things” because they find it difficult to accept that you no longer desire stuff, and by others decluttering themselves and wanting to rehome things they want rid of.

Being a Natural Born Hoarder myself, I know the pain of putting things into the recycling only to find that you need that item a week later.

Some items you can work with a virtual sense – I buy almost all my music in digital format now, either kept on my computer or media center, or uploaded to The Cloud to stream on the go. My wife and I have acquired electronic versions of books that we don’t read often but didn’t want to get rid of – at one point we had a collection that shamed the local library. As much as possible, we also acquire digital versions of movies and games. All of this makes for more space and less dusting.

In terms of offloading things you no longer want or need, we often donate to local charity shops or advertise in our church community; for every item that you don’t want there will always be someone who needs it desperately but can’t afford to buy it. Nothing that is reusable need ever end up in landfill.

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